Security Door

  1. Security Door is soundproof.
  2. Security Door is an Insulator against heat and cold.
  3. Security Door is resistant to pressure and cutting
security door usually at the entrance, a very resistant steel sheet that is actually the possibility of any influence by any means impossible and if the delay is faced with the impossible. Locks and fittings that are used in these doors are very different with conventional doors and a safe, which means that two or three locks to connect the entrance door to the terms of use.
Sound insulation on the inside of the doors have been added to both sides and at the end of fireproof stone wool is used to fire the exterior door. This procedure is usually MDF doors patterned, simple and highlights the thickness of 8 to 14 mm, and the coating of paint or PVC coated MDF for installation.
  1. Separate system loads of the building by fire-resistant structures (such as fire-resistant walls
  2. If you need to openings for traffic on the walls is, naturally, the openings must be equipped with fire-resistant doors that show good performance during fire.
resistant sealant to prevent entry of smoke covered, over high heat, does not produce toxic smoke. Internal structure fire doors fireproof rock wool as insulation. Fibre can fire long after the arrival of the fire and smoke to prevent the emergency stairs.
1. The fire resistance in terms of hours and minutes that should not be less than an hour.
2-thickness steel plate work inside the door that should not be less than 1 millimeter.